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import json

# Define the number of people in the group
total_people = 15
# Define the number of kids in the group
kids = 8
# Calculate the number of adults in the group
adults = total_people - kids
# Calculate the total cost for the group
total_cost = adults * 5
# Print the answer as JSON along with an explanation
print(json.dumps({\"answer\": total_cost, \"explanation\": \"The total cost for the group is
  $5 per adult, and kids eat free. Since there are {} adults, the total cost is {} * 5 = ${}\".format(adults,
  adults, total_cost)}))
AI-generated code
  "json_output": {
    "answer": 35,
    "explanation": "the total cost for the group is $5 per adult, and kids eat free. since there are 7 adults, the
    total cost is 7 * 5 = $35"
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